Main and tail blades are included

AIRFRAME weight: 2680 (with blades, no battery, no electronics).
Main rotor diameter: 1558 mm with 690 mm size blades
Main blade length: 650 to 730mm
Tail rotor diameter: 284 mm with 105 mm size tail blades
Tail blade length: 105 to 115 mm
Cyclic Servos: Standard size (40mm)
Tail Servo: Standard size (40mm)
Main Ratio: 12.1 to 8.8 :1 (21T included: 10.4:1)
Tail Ratio: 5.0-4.8:1 (27T included: 4.8:1
Typical Speed Controller: 12S 200A
Typical Motor size: : 12S 500-560 Kv, 4525 series, (max 62 mm diameter, 70 mm height).
Battery compartment: 12S 4200/5500 mAh. Max dimension 56mmx70mmx320mm. Suggested weight from 1400gr to 1700gr.

Kit Includes:
Motor Pulley 21T(other pulley sizes available)
2 Sets Battery Tray with strap
SAB blades and tail blades ( 690 TBS + 105 TBS )
型番 SG740
販売価格 128,000円(税込)